Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit

It feels a little strange to be writing a post on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit after my thoughts on the Ambient Lighting Palette were less than positive. I actually spent a long time trying to persuade myself against buying it - especially with so many people commenting on its poor value for money (in a nutshell, the price per gram is significantly high in comparison to that of full sized Hourglass products). I was doing a great job of resisting the temptation until a recent trip to Space NK. Turns out that seeing the palette in the flesh was the final nudge that I needed. Having felt a little disappointed with the original palette, I was intrigued to see how this would fare and discover whether it was a better fit for my existing makeup routine.

i was able to justify the purchase by reminding myself how handy it will be when travelling. Inside, I have all I could ever need for finishing the face - including setting powder, blusher, bronzer and highlighter. I recently packed my beauty bag in preparation for two weeks away and actually found it to be lighter than ever. This ticks multiple boxes in one compact and, for that reason alone, I'm actually pleased that the individual shades are as small as they are. I've seen a few people complaining that you can't use a brush with the palette due to its size, but I honestly haven't encountered that problem. Even if I had, the solution of using a smaller brush seems a little too obvious.

Of the entire palette, Diffused Light is the only shade that I previously owned. It's already my daily setting powder of choice, so I was really pleased to see included in the set. The rest are new to me, but each have been used on a regular basis since I first bought the palette. Mood Exposure has quickly become one of my favourite blush shades of all time, with the brighter, pinker Luminous Flush being the perfect choice for days when my skin is looking particularly tired and drab. The most surprising of all the shades is probably Luminous Bronze Light. Initially I was a little wary of using such a heavy shimmer all over my skin, but it's surprisingly wearable and gives a beautifully subtle warmth where needed.

There's no doubting that the price of the palette is a little high compared to that of single products in the range, but I honestly would have been shocked if Hourglass had priced it any lower. It's a limited edition release that contains six truly beautiful powders - each of which are of an incredibly high quality. It's a luxury, but one that I'm more than happy I invested in.