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(L-R) Olive Grove, Pillow Talk, Natural Linen, Bare With Me

I first wrote about discovering H&M Beauty way back in September, when the brand new department first hit the Norwich store. I made an effort to visit shortly after the big launch and I was pleasently surprised by the quality of the products on offer. Fast forward 8 months, though (WHERE has that time gone?!) and I've only just been back for a second visit.

I'm not sure what it is about H&M Beauty. It's almost as if I forget it's there - and that's even before you consider the plethora of more dedicated beauty stores and departments that Norwich has to offer. When I visited a couple of weeks ago, there were a huge range of products that hadn't been there the first time and naturally I found myself getting a little carried away.

The area that I had the most success in was the recently updated nail polish stand. I bought two shades during this visit and then went back a few days later to stock up on a couple more. Yep, they really are that good. Even with the mountain of washing up that I make it through during the week, I can expect a good 7-8 days of solid wear from these without needing a touch up. The shade range is also stunning and I was pleasantly surprised to find such a vast range of neutrals to choose from, although it's a shame that so many don't seem to be available online. Even so, for £3.99 these are well worth stockpiling the next time you're in store.

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