Current Heat-Free Styling Picks

Current Heat-Free Styling Picks

It's a very rare occasion that I use any kind of heat on the lengths of my hair. While I can't get away without giving the roots a quick blast of the hairdryer for volume and lift, I like to leave the rest to do it's own thing overnight before quickly finishing off the style in the morning. I have fine, straight hair that doesn't naturally offer much in the way of texture or shape. The products that I choose tend to enhance hold and grit in the hair, allowing me to create rough, low-maintenance styles that require minimal time and effort in the days after washing. Bumble & Bumble are without doubt my go-to brand when it comes to styling; in fact it wasn't until I begun writing this post that I realised quite how heavy my reliance on their products has become (not sponsored, I promise!)

Step 1: Tonic Lotion

A few spritzes into the roots of the hair enhances the performance of additional styling products. I'd never seen the appeal of hair primers before using this one, but I'm able to notice a visible difference in the way that other products work after using this. It also smells gorgeous and uses a combination of herbs, vitamins and tea tree oil to care for and detangle dry, coarse hair before styling.

Step 2: All Style Blow Dry

I use this solely in the roots of the hair before giving them a quick blast of the hairdryer. I'm able to rest safely in the knowledge that my hair is protected from the small amount of heat, as well as feeling the benefits of a style that lasts longer before its next wash. 

Step 3: Texture Hair (un)Dressing Creme

A small blob massaged into the roots of the hair gives lift and hold, before a similar amount is scrunched through the ends of the hair for a dishevelled finish. My holy grail of styling products, I've been using this religiously for a few years now and rarely style my hair without it. If you have a fringe, I'd also recommend using a small amount of this in between washes to maintain texture and definition.

Step 4: Brilliantine 

The finishing touch; a small amount run through the lengths of the hair is enough to give it a lasting, windswept finish. Unlike salt sprays, I don't find this to dry out the hair as it adds a beachy, piece-y texture. Also great for taming frizz the morning after washing and adding a subtle amount of shine to otherwise dishevelled styles.

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