Creating a Flawless Base for Tired, Blemished Skin


After a few months of well behaved skin I finally succumbed to one heck of a breakout a few weeks ago. I'm not entirely sure of the reason, although somehow my skin managed to revert back to its sore and blemished 15 year old self overnight. For particularly bad skin days I actually opt for a lighter coverage over the majority of my skin, taking the time to pinpoint the specific areas that need a extra coverage. The Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer sits really well underneath a light dusting of the bareMinerals Original Foundation, creating even looking skin without the need to cake on additional product all over. I was once told that using a sheer base on bad skin days is the best way to fool people into thinking your skin is perfectly behaved, so I guess that's advice I've stuck with ever since. If I want something a little more flawless looking I opt for the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, blended into the skin using a damp cosmetics sponge. The sponge enables me to sheer out the coverage just a little, creating a glowing base that mimics the appearance of healthy skin while continuing to look natural and fresh.

On the other hand, bad circles and discolouration around my eyes is something that I've continued to struggle with non stop. I blame it on the genes, although admittedly dehydration and a love of late nights probably do play a part. The Bobbi Brown Corrector is by far the best investment I've made, offering rich, creamy coverage in a shade that perfectly balances out any purple hues. I struggle to use the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer on its own as I find it a little drying, but on top of the corrector I find that it sits far better and doesn't tend to budge throughout the day. 

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