Four Beauty Rituals That I've Mastered (+ Four That I Definitely Haven't)

Things I can do...

Nail polish application

My proudest accomplishment of the bunch. I've finally mastered a technique that allows for a precise manicure every time, without the need to scrub furiously to get the excess nail polish off the skin around my nails the following day. The trick? Lots of time, a steady surface and years of practise - at least for me. 

Products to try: Essie Fill The Gap Base CoatSeche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat

Eyebrow maintenance

After years spent battling unruly brows I finally tried threading last summer and since then I haven't looked back. It's the quickest and easiest way to achieve clean, defined lines. I've also got into the habit of tinting them every couple of weeks, which again makes all the difference.

Products to try: Refectocil Eyebrow Tint

Messy, bedhead hair

I used to think that it takes a lot of time and product to get the rough, bedhead look. Sometimes it still does, but I've actually found that being lazy with my haircare routine normally results in the roughed up look I'm after - with the help of a couple of texturising products, of course.

Products to try: Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine, VO5 DryTexture Spray

Banishing dry skin

I've been plagued with dry skin since I entered into my twenties and it's taken me a while to understand how best to deal with it. Using oils and serums seemed completely alien to me in the beginning, but I've since found a selection of products that really help to keep my skin hydrated, even in the winter.

Products to try: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra

... and things I can't

Applying liquid eyeliner

Still. I've come to the conclusion that because my lids are slightly hooded, it's likely that liquid liner will just never look great on me. I can't be trusted with gel or ink liners either, in fact any look that asks for anything more than a smudged line of kohl across the top lashline is pretty much out of the question.


This one's up for debate - I haven't yet decided whether I can't contour, or I just don't want to. Either way, it's a potential extra step in my morning routine that I just haven't managed to make a regular thing. 

Pulling off a red lip

Bright lips in general are far out of my comfort zone, particularly when it comes to wearing red. I've no idea whether I'm more suited to blue or orange tones and no matter how hard I try, I just can't stop the colour from bleeding.

Eyelash curling

I've been curling my lashes for years now, but it's something that I still can't get the hang of totally. The results are rarely the same from one day to the next and no matter how many pairs of lash curlers I buy, a set that properly fits my eye shape seems to be impossible to track down.

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