Why I'm Now An Eyebrow Threading Convert

Ah, eyebrows. Mine have caused me a fair few problems over the years. Naturally very thick, long and unruly, a bad experience with a home-wax kit left me with little more than a single strip of hair by my early teens. I've experimented with waxing, plucking and trimming in the past, each professional treatment leaving me feeling less than satisfied and pushing me back into the arms of my beloved tweezers. DIY shaping is all very well and good, but it turns out that I really struggle to get things looking symmetrical on my own. I only wish somebody would've dropped a hint sooner (chances are they did, I just love thinking that I know best).

Threading has been on my radar for a long time now, but two main barriers have continually been in the way. First was my distrust of brow-shaping professionals after a few bad experiences. Second, the horror stories I'd heard about the pain and discomfort associated with the technique. It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to get it done, but now that I have I can honestly say I'm a convert.

For any fellow Norwich ladies, I went to Jarrolds in the city centre. Although I initially only popped in to book an appointment, I was told that I could be slotted in there and then and they couldn't have been more accommodating. The whole experience was very blink-and-you'll-miss-it. I was initially a little hesitant as I wasn't asked what kind of shape I was after in the way that I have been whenever I've gone to get a wax; although in hindsight she did an amazing job at working out exactly which shape and thickness would best suit me on her own. The pain honestly wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It hurts in the same way that any method of hair removal does, but it was completely bearable and not really any different to tweezing. I'd been growing my brows out for the best part of a month and went in looking fairly wolverine-esque, but the entire experience was still over within 10 minutes. 

A fortnight later and I'm only just beginning to lose sight of the ultra-defined shape, although maintenance is still relatively easy. I've taken to tinting my brows twice a month and am planning to book in a threading appointment to coincide with every other session. There are alternative salons that offer threading at a cheaper price, but for now I'm happy to pay just over £10 a month for brows that need so little attention in the long term.

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