Estée Lauder Double Wear Light


The original Estée Lauder Double Wear was one of my first high-end makeup purchases, albeit a slightly naive one. I made the error of getting matched up on holiday in Spain - i.e, during the one week of the year that I'm likely to have a little colour in my skin. Needless to say, a couple of weeks after arriving back in England my holiday glow had faded along with any chance of being able to use it. It was a rookie mistake and one that I'm pleased to say I haven't repeated since.

With the end of my NARS Sheer Glow nearing ever closer, I felt a desire to fill the gap with another reliable, long lasting base with enough coverage to see me through nights out and particularly troublesome skin days. Double Wear is one that I've been wanting to try again for a while, although my preference for more natural finish led me to choose the Light version this time around. I can remember the original living up to its promise of longevity and I find this to do the same, although the formula is less thick and feels a little more lightweight on the skin.

One of my favourite things about the Double Wear range is that the products are fragrance free. Foundations irritating my sensitive skin was one of the main reasons behind my jump to BB creams earlier this year, so finding a fuller coverage base that doesn't aggravate things is a welcome blessing. EL describe the finish as sheer, although I'd definitely say it sits more towards the medium end of the scale and is fairly buildable if needed. The coverage is flawless but natural looking. It conceals any redness while allowing my freckles to show through, which is pretty much exactly the finish I look for in a foundation these days. While it makes sense to opt for lighter coverage bases during the warmer weather, I've found this to be a great option for days when I'm after something that will stay put in the heat. 

Anyone looking for a long lasting, natural looking foundation is bound to love this. I picked up the original version at a time when I had serious misgivings about the state of my skin and relished the thought of achieving as much coverage as possible. Instead, I've now found that using a base with a slightly lighter finish and filling the gaps with concealer is the best way to go. Double Wear Light offers a flawless finish that still manages to look fresh and healthy, cheating the appearance of better skin in general. You can't really ask for more than that, right?

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