Epilating: 4 Month Review


It's been a little while since I wrote my first post on epilating, in fact I've now been using the Braun Silk Epil 7 regularly for around 16 weeks. Admittedly I still only use it on my legs. I've had a little more practice on my underarms, although the pain really does bring tears to my eyes and has so far prevented me from going the whole hog. Even so, having epilated my legs for a few months now the area is pretty much painless. I think it's a combination of having fewer, finer hairs upon regrowth as well as just getting used to the feeling. I'm now able to go a week or so between sessions, with any regrowth being far sparser and a lot less noticeable.

Since I started epilating I have seen an increase in the amount of ingrown hairs, especially around the insides of my knees. It's already a solid part of my routine to exfoliate my skin regularly, but I'd recommend investing in some ingrown hair lotion if it continues to be a problem. After a little research I opted for the Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion and have definitely seen an improvement, although I still resent paying £10+ for such a boring product. It's an incredibly potent exfoliator that draws away the top layer of skin, allowing any ingrown hairs to easily penetrate back through the surface (nice).

The main appeal of buying an epilator in the first place was the ease of use; something that I've definitely been relishing over the past few months. Any stray hairs can be removed quickly and easily without the need to hop back into the shower, in fact you could quite easily use this while sitting in front of the TV one evening if you wanted to. I've actually seen an improvement in the number of niggly little hairs that get left behind since I've removed the massaging head that came as part of the Silk Epil 7, so I tend to be fairly pleased with the job this does in getting a truly smooth finish. I'm still not completely sold on the benefits of this against waxing, although admittedly epilating is far more convenient and much less messy. The results don't last quite as long but I'm hoping that's something that will continue to improve with time. 

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