D.I.Y. Eyebrow Tinting

This post actually came about thanks to a question I asked on Twitter a few weeks ago:

'Eyebrow tinting: a D.I.Y job or one best left to the professionals?'

I got a fair few responses, admittedly many of them from salons that tried to convince me to step away from the home dye kit and book a tinting appointment asap. One of the few people in favour of giving it a go myself was Bridie, who sent over some much-needed guidance in the form of her Eyebrow 101. Seeing the kind of results that could be achieved when going it alone had me hopping straight on to Amazon and placing an order for the Refectocil Tint in the shade Natural Brown #03 (again, recommended by Bridie). It's worth noting that I had absolutely no experience of tinting my eyebrows; although now I can't believe I'd not done it sooner. Applying a tint has allowed any fine, blonde hairs to be picked up and matched with the rest, instantly creating the look of a fuller, bolder brow without the need for makeup. 

When it came to the tint itself, I was part relying on the advice of online tutorials and part just plain winging it. The instructions that came with the tint were a little confusing, but I ended up mixing 10 drops of the developer with a blob of tint that I thought loosely matched the advised quantity of 2cm (see?). When blended, the two form a manageable paste that can be applied to the area without fear of any drips. After using a cotton bud to dab Vaseline onto the surrounding skin, I applied the tint using a Real Techniques Brow Brush. I left the colour in place for 5 minutes before removing with a Bioderma-soaked cotton pad. My skin was a little stained after use, although it was nothing noticeable and had faded completely by the following morning. In fact, if I'd have been more vigilant with my Vaseline application I'm almost certain that it wouldn't have been a problem at all.

If you're considering an eyebrow tint and don't fancy forking out £10+ a fortnight at your local salon, I can confirm that doing it yourself is nowhere near as daunting as you'd first expect. The whole process is much the same as dying the hair on your head and is without doubt a lot cheaper than getting regular professional tints in the long term (for £14 you get a kit that I imagine would last 6 months to a year, assuming you touch-up the colour on a fortnightly basis). I have fairly sensitive skin and didn't encounter any problems when using the Refectocil tint, although it's worth doing a quick patch test beforehand no matter what you're using. The difference that such a simple treatment can make is incredible. Even when I'm completely free of makeup I somehow look a lot more put together. It also takes me less time to apply brow products as so little needs to be done in order to create a full effect. 

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