Achieving Rough, Bed Head Texture Without The Heat

I've been an advocate for heat-free styling for years now; hence my hair so often resembling a birds nest. I love the convenience of allowing my hair to air dry, alongside the obvious benefits associated with downing tools. The downside? Naturally my hair has very little shape and hold, with the poker straight texture making it difficult to achieve the lived-in wave that I'm always longing for.

bumble dont blow it creme.jpg

Bumble & Bumble's latest offering is aimed at those of us with an aversion to using too much heat on the hair. The 'Don't Blow It' (H)air Styler* promises great hair without the need for excess heat styling and works wonders at eeking out the hair's natural wave; something that I struggle to achieve even with a diffuser. The promise of a product-free finish might be a little misleading - I can definitely feel the weight of this in the hair. It's not enough to prevent me from using it but is something to keep in mind; I'd recommend applying it solely to the mid-lengths if your hair is particularly fine, just to prevent any loss of volume in the roots. I tend to scrunch a blob around the size of a 20 pence piece into the lengths, then either let my hair dry in a loose plait or simply leave it as it is. A little mousse helps to hold the wave for longer.

BeautyNatalie Stubbs