The Brown Lip Trend

It's taken me ages to fully commit to the 90's grunge trend, but now that I have I can totally see why it works. I first experimented with brown lips a year or so ago; a mis-judged fling with a Maybelline Colour Drama pencil that left me looking, well... really ill actually. In hindsight the shade itself was just way off for me and, having tested a few richer brown tones since, I think I've finally found a colour that suits.

My favourite of the bunch is the Lord & Berry Absolute Intensity Lipstick in Sweet-Heart*. I usually apply two or three layers of colour, blotting with tissue in-between to remove any excess and leave more of a matte looking, stained effect on the lips. For a well priced lipstick I've been so impressed with the longevity of this - it even fully withstood a recent trip to GBK (which for me is really saying something, especially judging by my eating habits). 

Natalie Stubbs