A Hidden High Street Gem: Bourjous 'Upside Brown'


When my brother's girlfriend kindly donated a selection of unloved makeup products to me a month or so ago, the Bourjois Smoky Stories Palette in 'Upside Brown' didn't have me particularly excited at first glance. I've owned my fair share of nude palettes - both high street and high end - and I couldn't really see what more another one could offer. Actually, aside from the standard spongey applicator (I will never understand the need to include them) this palette is really, really good.

The shadows are super buttery and highly pigmented, allowing you to create a subtle, smokey eye in very little time. Eyeshadow application has never been my strong point, in fact I tend to just slap a few shades on with reckless abandon before blending it all out and hoping for the best. The colours in this palette work incredibly well together, with the smooth formula of the shadows allowing them to blend and merge together seamlessly. I tend to pack the colour on with a dense shadow brush and go in with something like the Crown C433 Pro Blending Fluff Brush* to finish things off. 

I know that Bourjois claim to have formulated the lightest shade in a way that's particularly long lasting, but I find that each of the shadows easily last the entire day no matter what order I use them in. The light, medium and dark brown shades along with the highlighter make it easy to create just about any look, from a neutral wash of colour in the daytime to something a little more dramatic. I love it - in fact it's just about restored my faith in eyeshadows after a a few months of rarely bothering with eye makeup at all.

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