Another Attempt at Mineral Foundation


I'd previously tried the Lily LoLo Mineral Foundation and hadn't got on with it at all. Having dry skin, finding a powder foundation was never going to be easy, but the LL option seemed to cling to and accentuate the dry areas more than I ever could have imagined. It was at that point that I downed tools, relegated mineral bases to the bottom of my dresser and admitted defeat. 

In that time I'd heard a lot of praise for the bareMinerals Original Foundation and when I decided to ditch fragranced base products for good, it was surprisingly high on my list of things I wanted to try. For good skin days this is pretty much ideal. I find that using the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer on any problem areas followed by a light dusting of this is all I need to give my skin a more even, healthy appearance. My freckles still see the light of day, but blemishes and redness are easily tackled by a combination of the two base products. The foundation alone can be built up for a fuller coverage if needed, however I would recommend sticking to a light, even layer if you too suffer with dry or dehydrated skin. My favourite thing about using this has to be the staying power. Unlike most liquid foundations, I find that this manages to look better on the skin throughout the day. It picks up on the natural texture of my skin incredibly well, managing to create a luminous, radiant base that falls just short of ever looking oily. Application can be messy and I'm still trying to figure out how to get excess product that's collected in the lid back into the pot, however there remains a part of me that feels as though the faff is worth it eventually.

My only piece of advice would be to steer well clear of the brush that bareMinerals recommend for application. The Full Flawless Face Brush looked great inside the plastic wrap, but I wish I'd have taken the time to give it more of a test before it came home with me. The bristles shed. A lot. It also feels a little too rough on the skin and even after a few washes I'm still not rid of the funky smell that comes with it. I prefer to use a Real Techniques Buffing Brush when I'm after a fuller coverage, or a big, fluffy powder brush if I'm just looking to even out my skin tone. 

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