Amazing Cosmetics and the (Seriously) Amazing Concealer


The topic of high coverage concealers is something that I've come to know more than a little about. A combination of blemish prone skin and a generic predisposition towards a cracking set of under eye circles has given me plenty of experience with the stuff. The Amazing Concealer is perhaps the daddy of them all, offering full coverage with a level of pigmentation that I've yet to see replicated anywhere else.

For the eyes this stuff is pretty much perfect. The shade 'Fair Golden' has a subtle pink undertone, making it ideal to cover any blue hues of discolouration. I feel as though the real trick with this one is to use it incredibly sparingly. The tiniest amount really does go the distance and with a product as thick and creamy as this one you're always going to risk caking if it's applied too heavily. A thin veil of concealer is enough to tackle my dark circles even after long nights, with the waterproof formula keeping it in place throughout the day. It's expensive, sure, but I don't feel as though it's overpriced. As such a tiny amount is needed to cover my entire face, I really can't see myself running out of this any time soon. In fact the size of tube that I have comes in at around the same price as the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - a product that I haven't opted for once since buying this. The coverage allows me to wear a tinted moisturiser or bb cream over the majority of my skin on a daily basis, which is ultimately the look that I want to go for.

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