Ways To Unwind On A Weekday Evening

Take a long shower/bath

I'd love to do the latter more often, but sadly there isn't a tub in the flat that we're in at the moment. I get most of the 'boring' shower stuff done in the morning (washing my hair, tanning and hair removal) so in the evenings it's a treat to just relax completely in the water and allow my mind to shut off for a little while.

Have a pamper session 

I do most of my pampering mid-week as opposed to on a Sunday evening. Taking some time out to focus entirely on yourself is a great way to relax and can make the world of difference in terms of boosting your mood and giving a much needed pick-me-up.

Cook something different 

I do the majority of cooking at home and it's something I normally love to do, although even I can admit to getting in a bit of a rut at times. Cooking the same meals day in, day out can become a chore, so mixing it up throughout the week and trying a completely new recipe can be a great way to break up the routine.

Create something 

Doing something creative is probably my favourite way to unwind after a stressful day. I've recently gotten into adult colouring which, despite my original hesitations, is actually a great way to chill out and focus your mind on something other than work. I'm currently on the Secret Paris: Colouring for Mindfulness book and I love it. 

There's an app for that 

Taking 10 minutes out of my evening schedule to plug in to a meditation app is something that I've been trying to do a lot more regularly. I love Headspace for a proper meditation session and Relaxing Melodies when I just fancy listening to something a little more calming.

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