The Apps That I Use Everyday

Photo Editing

  • VSCOcam | the app I use for editing my Instagram photos as I'm not a huge fan of using pre-set filters. It allows you to adjust the exposure, contrast and temperature of an image quickly and easily, as well as resizing and cropping the picture to 1:1.
  • Lightroom | the programme I use for all of my photo editing condensed into a handy iPhone app. It's nowhere near as in-depth as the original but at least it has the basics down, including noise reduction to keep images looking soft.

Social Media

  • Instagram | it took me a fairly long time to get the hype around IG, but now that I have it's probably become my most used app of them all. I tend to post daily and love scrolling through everyone elses images too.
  • Twitter | another one that I find myself checking countless times throughout the day. I've never been the biggest fan of Facebook, so this is pretty much my go-to app for snooping on other people's personal lives (ahem).
  • Buffer | my app of choice for scheduling tweets. It's super easy to use and can be connected to other social media accounts too, although remembering to use it is admittedly something that I need to get into a bit more of a habit with.
  • Timehop | nostalgia is one of my favourite things, so having daily access to tweets and Facebook posts from 6 or 7 years ago is great. 


  • Soundcloud | my favourite app for listening to music. It's ad-free and continues to search for and recommend songs based on what you're listening to. It doesn't have the widest selection but is really good for finding something new.
  • Spotify | as a non-premium user I don't tend to use Spotify on my phone too often, but it's good to have it there all the same. It also has all of the cheesy 80's stuff that Soundcloud doesn't - and for that it's a winner.
  • YouTube | a fall back for when neither Soundcloud nor Spotify have the song I want to listen to. I also use my phone and iPad to watch videos when I'm on the move or tucked up in bed. 


  • Depop | I've had an obsession with this app over the past few months. It's as if eBay and Instagram had a baby, producing the ultimately addictive offspring that I literally can't seem to put down.
  • PayPal | pretty much the best thing about Depop. You sell something and the money goes straight to this app, meaning that when you go to buy something again it doesn't feel as if you've spent any real money at all.

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