May's Blogs Worth Bookmarking

Three of my favourite new finds of the month are actually YouTube channels, namely Ria Richiesthelineup and Genesis. TheLineUp has been on my radar for a little while now and I have no idea why it's taken me so long to sit and go through Maya & Julia's playlist in full. They're probably the most stylish girls that I follow on YouTube and have given me so much inspiration. Similarly, Ria and Genesis offer new content that stretches far beyond many of the bigger YouTube names out there. Both girls produce really cool fashion and lifestyle videos that are well worth adding to your subscription feed.

A few of my most visited blogs have been Chapter Friday (this post on props and backgrounds for blog photography was an interesting one) and Burkatron, whose sudden influx of DIY posts has given me more than a little inspiration for things to do over the summer. I also really enjoyed reading this post from Gemma on her change to a dairy-free diet. I've been slowly cutting down on my lactose intake for a few months now and saw such great results in my skin and how I felt overall, however after a fortnight or so of binging on ice cream I'm pretty much back to square one. It's made me determined to make June my first month of being completely lactose-free so a list of non-dairy products and substitutes is a really helpful thing to keep on hand.

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