The Perfect Pair of Jeans for Really Little Legs

Standing at around the 5'2" mark is really no blessing when it comes to finding the right pair of jeans. I don't think I've owned any that I haven't needed to roll up multiple times since I was rocking the Tammy Girl flares back in the early noughties. While plenty of shops offer Petite ranges that opt for around a 28" leg they've still never been a good fit for me, leading to many disastrous DIY attempts at cropping them to size. Good fitting denim is definitely something that people of average height take for granted.

I've come to realise that my ideal leg length is around a 25-26", which is exactly what this pair from ASOS Petite are. They're sold as ankle grazers and, although that description admittedly doesn't suit me that well, they seem to fit pretty nicely all the same. True black and as skinny as possible, they've become my go-to for days when I want something fuss free and classic.

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