A Little Life Update & A Few Reasons To Be Happy

Long time no see! I'm pleased as punch to say that yesterday marked my last exam of second year, leaving me a lot more free time to spend writing again. It feels a little like the rest of life has been on hold at the moment; made worse by the fact that my freelance work has really started to pick up pace recently. Even so, I'm slowly starting to feel myself again which is just the nicest thing. It's been a while since I've felt this inspired to work on new content - especially for my YouTube channel which I can't wait to get up and running properly again. Having never really been a summer kind of person I'm finally beginning to appreciate the little things that come with this time of year.

  • Lighter, brighter mornings and evenings
  • Pyjama and Netflix days
  • Days spent exploring new places
  • Spring cleaning with the windows wide open
  • The knowledge that it will soon be festival season
  • Basking in the sunlight as it hits the bed

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