Subtle Attempts to Feel Summer Ready

I've always much preferred the colder months to the warmer ones. There's something about dark evenings that I love, not to mention my inherent fondness of pyjama days (snuggling up in my minion two piece when it's 30 degrees+ outside just doesn't feel the same).

This summer I have very few plans that are set in stone, but I'm excited to see what happens none the less. Fashion-wise I've already been making subtle attempts to pick out something a little more appropriate to the warm weather; one of my favourites being this Urban Outfitters tea dress that I picked up on Depop a few weeks ago. I barely wore any dresses at all last year so it's nice to go for something a little different and teamed with my trusty DM's it's a super comfortable look that I think works really well. Although I'm still not the biggest fan of this time of year, I think I'm finally beginning to see what some of the fuss is about.