The Budget(ish) Contour Cream That Rocks

I've been a fan of the Stila Convertible Colour range for a long time now. The easy to manage, creamy formula combined with a wide range of shades and fairly wicked staying power have made them a staple in my makeup collection for a couple of years now. I don't know why I skipped over the shade 'Marigold' for so long; although it's fair to say that contour products aren't really my bag in general. I initially thought that it was a new addition to the range, although a quick google search led me to find that it's been knocking around for a good few years now. A bronzing/contour duo; Marigold houses a creamy, matte brown alongside a rich gold with a hint of shimmer.

I've actually come to like the shimmer side of this far more than I first imagined to. It's a little too golden to work as a highlight, so instead I've been using it to take the place of more traditional blush and bronzer formulas on lighter makeup days. It adds a subtle warmth and radiance to the skin whilst still being virtually undetectable up close. It takes a little more working into the skin than the other Convertible Colours that I've tried, but it's nothing I can't work through. The matte half is a gorgeous mid-brown that really does work well blended into the contours of the cheeks for a little extra definition. I'm not into the sculpted look, but this blends out effortlessly into a subtle shadow with the ability to be built up towards a more dramatic finish. While you can't expect the staying power that you would from a powder formula, I find these to last surprisingly well on the skin considering how creamy they are and I can imagine they'll work really well alongside other cream products come summer.

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