A Second French Wardrobe Update

Things have been fairly quiet on the wardrobe front since my last update. I've had a good sort through of the bits I already own and am currently selling a few pieces on Depop; I figured that the first step towards a minimal, capsule wardrobe is clearing out some of the pieces you already have but don't get much wear from. My only 'proper' purchase has been these cut out peep toe pumps from Urban Oufitters. I actually wasn't looking for footwear at all, but these struck me as soon as I saw them. I'm also hoping that they'll be a good alternative to my Birkenstock collection in the summer. 

Aside from that I think everything that I've bought has been second hand. I initially planned not to include second hand purchases in my 'french wardrobe' attempt, but I have a feeling that will need to change fairly soon as I'm accumulating more this way than I imagined to. 

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