Goodbye thunderl0ve, Hello theonlyones!

A rebrand has been in the pipleline for a little while now, not so much regarding the layout and content of my site, but in its name and overall branding. I feel as though this marks a move towards me taking my blog more seriously. Not in terms of monetisation or creating a career from blogging but in terms of me dedicated more time and effort to this little space. thunderl0ve was a great part of my life and I still want to keep all of the content from that blog available, although I've felt for a long time that I'd outgrown it. What begun as a beauty blog dedicated to product reviews and tutorials has evolved into a space that allows me to share content on more than just one of my passions. It wont differ at all from the content I've been posting on here for a few months now, however choosing a new name is something I've been meaning to do for a long time and I'm really excited to finally get going with it.

So, why theonlyones? It actually was (and still is) the name of my tumblr page and the first kind of 'online persona' that I adopted. I chose the name in my mid teens when I was going through a phase of loving the music by The Only Ones (Another Girl, Another Planet is still one of my favourite songs) and I'd always really liked it. I guess I spent so much time on tumblr growing up (it's actually how I met Calum all those years ago!) that the name began to feel a little like me. When I started this blog in 2012 the name was already taken, so instead I settled on Owl-Waltz and then changed to thunderl0ve a few months later. The name theonlyones never really left me though and I've been debating the change ever since I moved to Squarespace and purchased my own custom domain. A year or so later and here we are! The and .com extensions were already taken, so instead I've opted for I like it - and I hope you do too!

As I say, the layout of my blog hasn't changed dramatically and I don't expect the content to, either. Fingers crossed the change will go just as smoothly with Bloglovin', Twitter and Instagram. It's not until you sit and write a list of all the usernames that you need to change that you realise just how many places you use them! My twitter handle is now @theonlyonesblog and my Instagram is @theonlyones_. My YouTube, Google and Pinterest names have also changed accordingly, although annoyingly my YouTube URL and Depop will need to remain the same... small details I didn't check. I've also set up a new email account dedicated to my blog, so for any enquiries about this place you can reach me at For general chitter chatter I'm still on the old address and I'll more than likely reply no matter which you use anyway. Right, I think that's it. Phew!

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