The First MAC Lipstick That I Really, Really Like

I've mentioned my feelings towards MAC a couple of times before. It's not a dislike as such - in fact a couple products from their range are counted among my daily must haves - I just don't really buy into the hype generally. Their Cinderella collection didn't appeal to me at all and I'm sometimes left feeling as though their products are of a more high street quality with a premium price tag. 

Their lipsticks in particular have had a tendency to leave me sitting on the fence in the past. The shade range is undeniably top notch, although the formulas often fall a little short and I've struggled to find a wearable, nude shade in a non-glossy finish. Their Matte formula has a tendency to really cling to any dry patches on my lips, so I was feeling at a bit of a loss. However, a (very) post-Christmas gift swap with my parents last weekend had me adding a new shade to the collection, the MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig. I've tended to steer clear of satin finishes in the past as I had visions of them being too shiny on the lips, but a quick blot down with tissue paper after application and I'm really chuffed with the semi-matte finish it leaves. The colour is all I look for in a lipstick; soft, muted and with an incredibly flattering balance of pink and brown undertones. Admittedly I haven't had this long, but it's safe to say that I haven't felt the need to opt for anything else so far.

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