So, I Cut My Own Hair

Cutting my own hair is something that I've been debating for so long now, continuously backing out at the last minute and reluctantly booking myself in for a £26 trim instead. Truth is, I hate going to the hairdressers. I always have. The awkward small talk, invasion of personal space and seeming reluctance to create anything other than a slicked down, poker straight finish combine and fill me with dread. The idea of giving a DIY job a go was undoubtedly daunting, but it was a risk that I eventually held my breath and took last week.

At-home cutting wont be right for everybody and is especially scary for those of us with no previous experience or training in making the snip. It's worth noting that I'd debated losing a few inches for months in advance and had pretty much no emotional attachment to my hair at all at the time of cutting. I knew that there was a fairly high chance of me having to visit the salon and getting things neatened up post-chop, but I figured that if I'd be visiting the hairdressers anyway I may as well just give it a go. So, that's what I did. A quick Amazon order later and I was fully equipped with the right tools for the job. I used the Sanguine Hairdressing Scissors and, despite also managing to snip a chunk out of my finger, they're really great.

I made the initial dent in the length by creating a centre parting and making up two bunches with the elastics tied at the level I wanted. Once those first couple of cuts were done, I simply sectioned off the hair and worked from the bottom up, continuing to trim and neaten the lengths by pulling everything forward and using my eye to maintain as much of a straight line as possible. It's far from perfect and I'm well aware that the odd wonky line exists here and there, but in the week and a half since doing the deed I haven't yet felt the need to get things professionally tidied up - something that I definitely wasn't expecting on my first attempt. It's something that I've been thinking about for so long now and I really am glad I finally gave it a go.

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The French Wardrobe Update

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