Muji-Free Makeup Storage

Compared to many I'm really not that much of a makeup hoarder. I'm surprisingly disciplined when it comes to picking products that work for me and sticking with them for the long haul, although I do still crave the feeling of having an neat and organised storage system. I have nothing against acrylic storage, I've just never really felt as though it's the right thing for me and wanted to experiment with ways of storage my collection that are a little more outside the box.

I'm a big fan of second hand shopping and my daily go-to products are kept in this vintage suitcase that sits next to a mirror on the floor. I got rid of my dressing table set up a while ago since I found it a little too regimented, so I've gone back to sitting cross legged on the carpet. Inside the suitcase I keep my 'must have' products and those that I'm enjoying using at the time, as well as anything new that I want to remind myself to try out. The contents changes fairly frequently; usually when it begins to get a little cluttered and full I sort through it all and change things out for other products if I want to. I have this wicker plant pot from Ikea as well, in which I keep any hair products that I like to use on a daily basis. My daily brushes are stored in a couple of pretty mugs that I picked up in a charity shop, although I am on the hunt for something a bit more permanent. 

The rest of my makeup is kept in this antique wooden sewing box. It's one of those that folds out into a bunch of different compartments which makes it really easy to separate and categorise everything neatly. The height of it also means that it doubles up as a bedside table when it's closed, perfect for me as we don't have a great amount of extra space in the flat. Both of my main storage cases were found in charity shops and I really don't think it's necessary to splurge on Muji storage if you don't want to, there are so many others ways to store products in a way that keeps them organised and easy to locate. I have another red suitcase in the spare room that houses any overflow of hair products and my skincare is in the bathroom, stacked in a standing red wire rack that we picked up in an antique shop when we moved in. Although I understand people's love of clear storage, I love being able to house things in something a little more colourful that fits the aesthetic of our place a little more.

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