An Ode To Bumble & Bumble

If there's one haircare brand that I fully advocate splashing out on it's Bumble & Bumble. I'm not a usually a huge fan of high end products and strongly believe that many of the more expensive, 'cult' hair treatments are well replicated on the high street, but something about Bb's styling range continues to draw me in. Beginning with a miniature bottle of Surf Spray, my collection of products that promise volume, grit and texture has grown and grown.

One of my favourite additions is the Prep spray. I'm not entirely sold on the concept of hair primers, but I feel as though a spritz of this through the roots and lengths really does make the most of any additional styling products that I use afterwards. Followed by the Full Form Mousse and a little of the Hair (un)Dressing Texture Creme massaged through the roots, I'm finally able to achieve the level of wind swept texture and body that I've longed for. Tonic works in much the same way, in fact aside from this being targeted at drier hair types I wouldn't say that there's much difference between the two and you probably don't need both in your collection. On days where things are feeling particularly brittle the Invisible Oil Primer is the one I reach for, although I focus this on the ends as opposed to Prep and Tonic which I happily spray into the roots as well. This also packs in a healthy dose of heat protection, making it ideal on the rare occasions that I tackle my unruly mane with a pair of hair straighteners. The straggler in the bunch has to be Dryspun Finish; a product that I've never really gotten along with due to its tendency to make my frizz-prone hair a little too puffy and fluffy. Smells great, though.

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