A Few Cheap and Easy Blog Photography Tips

Naturally photography isn't my strong point. I'm lucky enough to have a live-in boyfriend that understands the ins and outs of cameras and lighting, although I have managed to pick up a few hints and tips myself over my (almost) three years of blogging. Blog photography can be something of a minefield when you begin. I was constantly comparing my images to those of 'top' bloggers; the kind that undoubtedly have the funds to splurge on fancy equipment and lighting. 

My top tip? Experiment. Try something new and think outside the box. When I begun blogging I remember it being very 'on trend' to photograph everything against the backdrop of a floral duvet. So, naturally I bought a floral duvet. Lovely. Except all it did was make my images look identical to everybody else's. Nowadays it's more common to see bloggers snapping away against a background of rustic white floorboards. It usually looks amazing but is a much harder look to replicate, which in turn forced me to get a little more creative and try something different. Trends like this will always come and go, but it's the blogs that create their own style and stick to it that I generally remember a little more.

Making the most of the equipment that's available to you is key. I remember when I started blogging that people would say time and time again that there's nothing wrong with using the camera on your phone to take photos; something that I really resented doing at the time. Since then, brands have bought out such high quality accessories, lens kits and editing tools that I actually think it's become a completely plausible option. In the past I've used this one and this one, both of which are seriously wicked attachments for iPhones that really boost the quality of the images you take. Apps like VSCOCam make it so easy to edit the images exactly how you want to as well and mean that photos can be instantly uploading from your phone to your site without needing to import them through a PC first. 

Lastly, make the most of natural lighting as much as you can. Where possible all of my photos are taken facing away from the window in the middle of the day, giving a soft, naturally lit effect that keeps everything looking uniformed. Obviously it's much easier to do for some people than others, but writing a list of upcoming post ideas and taking the corresponding images in bulk can really help. Just have fun with it. Stand on a chair or table if you have to and take as many photos as you feel is right, I often take 10+ of the same image and narrow it down to the best one during the editing process. It's also always a good idea to get hold of a camera or iPhone remote if you can - especially when it comes to selfies. And everyone loves a selfie, right?

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