Makeup Fit For A Job Interview

Makeup Fit For A Job Interview

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When it comes to job interviews first impressions most definitely count. I have a history of spending more time fretting over my outfit, hair and makeup than actually researching the role in question. Probably not the best idea, but it goes to show just how much importance I expect the interviewer to place on appearances. I was asked by the guys at City Calling to share my top tips for job interview appropriate makeup and, considering I'm currently scouring the internet for potential job vacancies on a daily basis, it was a proposal that seemed to click really well.

Generally I think the best option is to keep things as clean and fresh as possible. My usual brown smokey eye tends to be swapped out for a neat flick of liquid liner. How far I extend the flick depends on my confidence in application and the specifics of the interview itself. Any that I've been to for vacancies in the beauty industry have allowed me to get a little more experimental and create something that shows off my (admittedly rather limited) skills - but if I were applying for an office job or something similar I'd probably be more inclined to keep to just a little definition along the lashline using a kohl liner (the Rimmel ones are wicked).

The rest of my look is kept as neutral as possible. I tend to opt for a fresh, lightweight base and use something like the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer to hide any signs of pre-interview sleeplessness. Blush is used instead of bronzer for a subtlety healthy flush and the lips are kept as nude as possible; in fact a slick of balm is enough and prevents any lipstick-on-the-teeth catastrophes. I don't like to use gloss at interviews as I find it has a tendency to look quite young - especially considering I'm naturally cursed with a case of baby face. The aim is to look neat, professional and polished, so bright colours are shunned in favour of classic tones. This is true even down to the nails, where I like to keep things simple with a coat of clear polish and a tidy, squared-off finish.

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