My First Foray Into Jo Malone Fragrance

It's rare that I mention fragrance on my blog. The main reason being that however much I love writing, jotting down descriptions of a particular scent has the ability to turn me into an inarticulate wreck. I love the scent of the Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, although that in itself doesn't really do the job of translating the fragrance on paper. 

Top note: ambrette seeds, for texture and sophistication.

Heart note: sea salt, for texture and freshness.

Base note: sage, for depth and an earthy, woody aroma.

I'm not a huge fan of floral fragrances so the woody nature of this is right up my street. It isn't too soft and girly, nor does it transfer as being overpowering on the skin. Layered beneath the Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne and you have a perfectly uplifting fragrance for this time of year. My only gripe? The staying power could be better, although this is something that I've found with the vast majority of the perfumes that I own and I'm planning on investing in a rollerball that I can pop in my handbag for top ups throughout the day. I picked up the smaller 30ml bottle and I have to say, considering it cost me relatively little (well, for a fragrance), the service at Jo Malone is unlike anything I've experienced before. Although I'm fairly well accustomed with beauty counters by now, the level of care and attention to detail really is second to none; to the point where I received a hand-written letter sent to my address a few days later from the sales assistant thanking me for my purchase. An OTT sales technique it may be, but something so simple really does have a huge effect on how I feel about returning to a counter in the future. 

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