A Few of my Favourite Things

It's been a long time since I featured a 'current favourites' type post on my blog. I'm really enjoying creating a mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle content and throwing a bunch of things together that I've been reaching for lately on seems natural.

First up are a couple of Urban Outfitters buys, the first being these cute peep-toe pumps. I've worn my Birkenstocks to death over the past couple of years so I'd been keeping my eyes peeled for an alternative that I can keep on wearing with jeans and skirts in the summer. These fit the bill just nicely and are so comfortable to walk in. I also picked up this lace bra that I can no longer find the link for, but the same style in a different colour is available here in the sale. I've traditionally been a fan of heavily padded, bulky underwear so it feels nice to wear something a little more delicate. I'm a triangle bra convert and can't imagine getting used to the discomfort of push-up undies again.

A recent trip to the Jo Malone store in Norwich resulted in a purchase of the Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, one that I've admired from afar for the longest time now. It's my perfect summer scent and is so wearable; it smells especially lovely when layered with Lime Basil & Mandarin. I've also been wearing my Skagen Ditte Ladies Watch on a daily basis recently. A 21st birthday gift from my parents, it's probably my idea of a perfect timepiece and I can't stop looking at it every time it's on my wrist. Finally is this short sleeve Brandy Melville 'Trina' knit that I bought on Depop a couple of weeks ago. It's my first BM purchase and I'm completely hooked, I can't wait to buy a little more from the brand.

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