Blogs Worth Bookmarking

A recent find is iamcharlottemartin, a fashion and style blog that leaves me seriously green with envy with every visit. Charlotte just has the ability to rock even the most out-there pieces with ease and her photography really is second to none. She also pulls off a cracking contour; forever waiting in hope for a beauty themed post. Her Instagram is equally as aesthetically pleasing, so that's well worth a look too. Maison Ellis is a similarly well designed blog written by Bridie. I'm finding myself more and more inclined to follow blogs that produce content on a wide range of topics, something that Bridie does effortlessly. Each new post is as creative, thoughtful and inspiring as the last and I genuinely look forward to updates.

I can't even tell you how pleased I am to see Megan from Talking About M blogging again. She's a truly lovely girl with a wicked blog and such a talent for writing; it's one that I'd definitely recommend going and giving a read if you haven't already. Maddy is another long term favourite of mine and I'm super excited to see where she takes her new(ish) blog, Dinner With Maddie. She's incredibly relatable, funny and once again manages to conjure up posts on a massive range of topics without losing credibility. 

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