The St Tropez 'Dupe' That Isn't Worth The Save

Tanning isn't my strong point. I've actually only attempted the faux glow once or twice, aside from my (very) occasional visits to the spray tanning booth during my teens. Even so, I feel as though my recent venture into health and fitness has kick started a desire for not just a toned body, but a tanned one at that. I've heard numerous raves about the St. Tropez Express Tan and had my heart set on that being the one to experiment and initially build my confidence with... that was until I saw the price tag. I do think that when it comes to fake tan it probably is worth investing in quality products once you know what you're doing, but for a total novice like me I wasn't that keen on spending £30+ on a bottle of something that I was bound to have a few accidents with at the beginning. I then came across what I expected to be a bit of a dupe, not surprisingly from St. Tropez lookalikes St. Moriz. With hardly any deliberation, the Fast Self Tanning Mousse was popped in my basket alongside a fresh pair of exfoliating gloves and the cheapest tanning mitt I could find.

I do vaguely remember trying something from St. Moriz before, although I have a feeling that was one of the slap on/wash off formulas that just left my pins with a touch more sparkle. I was nervous about using a 'proper' tanning product to say the least, so I decided to test this on my legs first before attempting to colour any areas of my skin that might actually see the light of day at this time of year. So, I slapped it on. I'd say that I definitely applied a good amount - in fact if anything I was a little worried that I'd gone overboard initially - but as the hours passed I didn't notice this making the slightest bit of difference to my skin.

...okay so that's not entirely true. My knees did pick up a faint orange hue around the edges, but it definitely wasn't the radiant golden glow I was hoping for. I shook the bottle well, exfoliated before use and the product itself has a fairly noticeable guide colour, so I'm not entirely sure what went wrong. I have attempted to re-do the process since, thinking that maybe I just needed to apply a couple of coats (although that completely defeats the point of a 'fast' tan if that is the case) and still nothing. Nada. All the fun of that classic fake tan whiff with none of the results. After three hours you're promised a deep, golden tan - a promise that sadly this just didn't live up to for me. It's worth noticing that I am naturally very fair skinned, although as far as I can tell this one isn't aimed at any particular skin tone; signalling that it has the capacity to work for just about anyone. Even so, my experience hasn't dampened my spirits and I've found myself on a quest for the perfect golden hue in a bottle. Watch this space.

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