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It's been a little while since I posted anything more personal on my blog; in fact the last time I did was probably my It's Okay Not To Be Okay (Even At Christmas Time) post which, incidentally, was written way back around Christmas. Who knew? The idea of us being in March already is one that I find completely terrifying, I have no idea where the days are going at the moment and I feel as if I blinked and missed February altogether. 

My main goal for March is to get everything back on track. A few big stresses in my life finally resolved themselves over the past couple of weeks which I'm hoping will pave the way for something better to take their place. There's also a big financial worry that has been plaguing my mind since we moved flat way back in August that I'm hoping will sort itself out this month - the sense of relief I'm feeling now that things are finally falling into place is real. I'm also planning on getting the university situation sorted for once and for all. There's no denying that I'm not enjoying the whole experience and I think a change of direction is probably in order in the near future; although exactly how drastic that will be I'm not sure. I'm also hoping to get back into a more solid blogging routine; something that I seem to have subconsciously let slip over the past couple of weeks. I feel as though I'm becoming more of a perfectionist with my site than I have been before and want to create content that I'm proud of, meaning that I'm often finding myself not posting at all. I feel as if I need to take the time to get all of my ideas down in writing in order to organise my thoughts a little more. Fingers crossed I'll find my inspiration again!

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