My Fullips Experience: What, How and Why the Heck

I actually hadn't even heard of this contraption until a few weeks ago when a peruse of lip plumping glosses led me to read about a rather more extreme solution. I initially came across Lip Voltage, a lip plumping treatment that uses a solution of peptide and collagen to achieve a fuller pout. Needless to say I was intrigued. I've spoken before about my hang ups regarding the shape and size of my lips, but I had no idea that such effective treatments were available without the need for surgery. I was sold. That was until I began reading personal reviews and researching the potential side effects. The idea of a few hours of pain and discomfort for something so trivial really didn't appeal to me at all, so I begun looking for safer, pain-free alternatives.

Fullips are a range of plastic lip enhancers, coming in three sizes and shapes. There's the one I own, Small Oval, used for thinner lips and to target specific areas. There's also Medium Oval and Large Round; the latter of which promises to give the effect of all-round fullness. I knew that I had small lips, but I must have a relatively tiny mouth too as I can't imagine using anything larger than the smallest offering available. Fullips themselves are basically a fancy looking suction device. The premise is that you hold the contraption to the lips, suck for around 30 seconds and release to reveal fuller, plumper lips. You can suck and hold as many times as you like until you achieve your desired look and the result is relatively pain and discomfort free. It's completely out of my comfort zone, but admittedly that's one of the reasons I was so keen to give it a try. Above all, I was in it for the giggles.

First things first, these do work. There isn't any denying it. The process doesn't hurt either, although it does feel a little uncomfortable and the results take a while to get used to (I spoke with a significant lisp the first few times I tried it out). The final outcome is admittedly a little wonky and rough around the edges, but I'd undoubtedly be able to get a fuller looking pout using this. The question is then, whether I would actually want to. Although the process doesn't hurt, it's an extra step in my morning routine that I just can't imagine myself indulging in all that often. The results don't last long, either. Fullips counteract this by emphasising that the product is small enough to be carried in the handbag and used throughout the day, although I'd love to meet the kind of person that would feel comfortable topping this up in a public place. An hour or so is all it takes between application and my lips being back to their normal selves.

It's fun - and admittedly that was the main purpose behind me buying this, anyway. Could I re-adjust to life without it? Easily. But I'd miss the lisp.

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