Doing The French Wardrobe Thing

I hardly need to take the time to clarify that I am in no way a fashion fiend. I actually loathe shopping for clothes; a feeling that has definitely grown stronger as I've entered into my twenties. Aside from jeans and t shirts I really don't have a style as such, something that I'd love to change. Feeling confident with how I look is something that I'm really struggling with at the moment, so I've decided to make it my mission to complete a 'five piece french wardrobe' revival this year (probably best explained by the amazing women at afterDrk, whose admirable wardrobes have admittedly inspired this whole thing).

The basic premise is that you set out to buy 5 new clothing pieces a season, from Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer. Creating a specific wishlist and identifying gaps in your pre-existing wardrobe is key, as is investing in good quality pieces rather than spending flippantly on a heap of new pieces unlikely to last into next year. For most, the task would probably be limiting themselves to just ten key purchases a year; for me I'd probably say it's the opposite (e.g I'm currently sitting in a t shirt that I'm pretty certain I bought in H&M circa 2008... ahem).

Admittedly I'm not entirely sure how second hand and charity shopping will fit into this new ritual. I know that Sophie decided to keep second hand shopping exempt from the rules and I'm thinking about doing the same; although that could change as I plod on through. I'm planning to do occasional updates on my progress; so watch this space!