You Don't Need Money To Blog

Blogging on a budget is something that I've unwittingly gotten a lot better at over the past year or so. Having been obsessed with the idea of creating one-product-reviews and cosmetic hauls during the first years of blogging, I feel as though I've now finally settled into a niche that suits me and my lifestyle perfectly. I was never intending to ease the pressure that blogging was having on my wallet, it's just something that happened along the way. But I'm bloody glad it did.

I no longer see thunderl0ve as a beauty blog, but as a space to share and create content that relates to (almost) every aspect of my life. Beauty is one of my favourite things so I will of course always produce content around that theme, but I've come to realise that it doesn't always have to involve new releases or high end reviews. I've also become a lot less worried about including the same product in multiple blog posts; in fact it's something that I try to embrace. After all, if I truly love a product that I am going to use it time and time again and I probably wont be in any hurry to try something new.

It sounds cliche to say that you can blog about anything you want to, but I truly believe that you can. I follow a wide variety of blogs but the content that I'm always sure to click on and share first are posts that are fresh, creative and unique. Thinking outside of the box and pushing myself creatively is one of my favourite things about blogging and it's so exciting to see others doing the same. If you have a weird interest, a love for cooking or a favourite pair of boots, you can blog about all of those things without having to spend a pretty penny beforehand. A change of perspective can mean that blogging on a budget is made to feel like less of a limitation and more as part of the fun.

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