Beauty Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

It's often cheaper to get treatments done professionally than to try it yourself | at least it is when you count in the cost of the repair work. DIY leg waxing, brow threading and (more recently) hair cutting have all resulted in me pledging never to attempt going it alone again.

Hooded eyes and winged liner will (probably) never be BFFs | I've tried. Lord knows I've tried. Occasionally I think I've cracked it, until an unfortunate mugshot surfaces or I feel unduly confident enough to film a YouTube video while rocking this particularly unflattering look. The liquid liner is well and truly dropped - for now, at least.

Colouring your hair is bound to catch up with you eventually | when I first went brunette I breathed a sigh of relief when my locks appeared a whole lot healthier; I even thought I'd gotten away with a heavy bleach job or two a few months later. Fast forward a couple of years and my lengths were left in a tangled, damaged mess as the chemicals had made more of an impact that I first imagined. 

Cleaning your makeup brushes is really, really important | the difference in my blemish-prone skin when I'm sticking to a regular washing ritual is massive. 

Less is often more, particularly when it comes to skincare | I actually think that it's a bit of a myth that layering product after product will result in healthier skin; listening to what my skin needs and tailoring a simple routine to tackle those problems has worked best.

What works for somebody else wont necessarily work for you | probably a trap that we all fall into, I've been guilty of following the rituals of other bloggers and vloggers to a tee while ignoring my own skin type, colourings and preferences.