Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch 'Girls'

Girls is one of the few shows that I've found myself hooked on over the last few years. I'm not even a huge Lena Dunham fan, but there's something about the story that I really warm to and that makes me genuinely excited every time a new series begins. Admittedly I also think it's one of those shows where none of the more recent series can ever live up to the first, but even now, four seasons in, I can't go without watching an episode.

  1. It's brilliantly written, all about female friendships and girl power.
  2. It's arguably the most current show on TV...
  3. ... and often the most relatable, too; even if it does occasionally make you cringe.
  4. It makes New York look awesome. Pretty much just half an hour of lusting over the characters apartments. You know.
  5. Adam Driver. Just, Adam Driver.