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Admittedly I've been a little slack on my blog reading this month. A pretty huge backlog of work, a sudden surge of errands to run and a general lack of motivation have resulted in my unread bloglovin' posts making it over the 2,000 mark. The few blogs that I have been discovering, following and reading are all really great though, so I'm running you through my favourites as usual.

I came across Ella's blog fairly early in the month and immediately fell in love. Those freckles. Ellabooxo features an eclectic mix of beauty and lifestyle posts instantly bought to life by eye catching photography. Also, Homeslice. In fact food has been a reoccurring theme with posts I've been enjoying over the past few weeks; Zoe's guide to the best burger joints in London standing out as one of the best. Another welcome addition to my bloglovin' feed is La Petite Primp; a beauty blog written by SF-based Camey. Arguably there's just something about San Fransisc-ans(?) that's just effortlessly cool and Camey really is no exception. Her newly blonde crop is pretty awesome, too.

Also new on the reading list is Qworter Life Crisis, a beauty, lifestyle and everything else kind of blog written by the wonderful Maddie. The immense amount of personality packed into each and every post make this blog a real joy to read and one that I'm super happy to have come across in recent weeks. Lastly a quick mention to Tenneil, whose blog Like Neon Love has been up there amongst my favourites for an incredibly long time now. This month Tenneil posted her YouTube debut and it's definitely one to head over and watch if you haven't already. It's so rare to find people that are just naturally warm and friendly in front of the camera, something that Tenneil manages perfectly. I can't wait to see what's to come!

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