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The more traditional review posts are few and far between on my blog - not least because many of the things I buy are a consequence of reading endless positive words on them beforehand anyway. Even so, a couple of new additions have made their home with me over the past few weeks that I wanted to jot down my thoughts on.

Like everyone else I rushed to purchase this months copy of Elle magazine for the exclusive preview of Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. I've made no secret of not being the biggest fan of Benefit in the past, but my past-lived adoration of their mascara offerings did have me sitting up and taking notice when this was announced. The truth is that I honestly don't know how I feel about this. It's nice, but perhaps my continuing love affair with the Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara has ruined me for all that are to come after it. It looks fab to begin with but doesn't hold a curl particularly well and has a tendency to clump the lashes together a little. I feel as though the packaging of the full size is also a little naff, although obviously that's down to personal preference. It's good, but like most of Benefit's products I just don't feel like it justifies the premium beauty price tag.

Sticking with a theme, I picked up Benefit's Fake Up Concealer on a TK Maxx-fueled whim a few weeks ago now. One product that I will say counts in Benefit's favour is their Erase Paste concealer which has remained my go-to for a few years now, so I was really keen to see how this compared. There's not quite as much coverage and it's without the benefits of the peach undertones Erase Paste has, but it is incredibly brightening and hydrating. I have dry skin and even have to set this down with a powder; now that's saying something. I've taken to use this in a Kim K inspired 'V' under the eyes on particularly sleepy mornings and I feel as though it does the job quite nicely.

Also new is the Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Primer. Admittedly it was only a matter of time before i caved and tried something from the new range, but a primer isn't the road I was expecting to take. I've never used a hair primer before and have to admit that I'm not entirely sure what to do with it, so I just spritz it through the lengths post-shower as I would any other oil. It smells wicked and leaves my hair looking and feeling in better condition than when I don't use it, which I suppose is exactly the result you'd look for in something like this. Still trying to get my head around the hair primer element though. Lastly is MAC's Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Camel Coat. I wont bore you with another paragraph on my love for this formula, so I'll just say that it's a beautiful muted beige and one that I'm really pleased to have finally got my hands on. For minimal makeup days it adds the perfect hint of subtle shadow and definition to the lids. I also like to use it as a base for other shadows, especially if I'm after something a little more long lasting.


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