A Postcard From Norwich

I've lived in Norwich for a year and a half now and I love it. Having never seen the appeal of living in a city before, it's become my hometown and I'm super comfortable here. For something a little different I thought I'd give a quick run through of some of my favourite places to go, things to do and sights to see (oh, and all of the food).

Food & Drink | Norwich has all of the chain restaurants you'd expect to see in a city; and most of them come in twos. There's a couple of Nandos', Pizza Express' and Zizzi's, as well as Wagamama, Bill's and TGI Fridays. My personal favourite places to eat include The Grosvenor, a wicked little fish bar that serves amazing food in a really cool atmosphere. There are also a few places to grab an amazing slice of pizza (Amaretto and Finnie's Juice Bar are personal favourites). For drinks it's usually the Playhouse bar - a really nice place to go if you're a student as it has such a chilled atmosphere and is pretty reasonably priced - including mugs of tea for £1, a blessing if you're a homebody like me. The Birdcage pub is also worth checking out; so chilled out and really nicely decorated. The Bicycle Shop on St Benedict's Street is lovely for a cup of hot chocolate, too - and again pretty fairly priced.  

Things To See | Living in the city means that it becomes really easy to miss out on all of the things there are to do here. Most weekends tend to be spent pottering around the outskirts of the city centre and wasting afternoons away in coffee shops, but every now and again we try to make time to actually see some of the things that the city has to offer. There are a couple of art galleries and exhibition centres that range widely in size, but all have some really interesting events from time to time. The biggest art gallery is probably the Sainsbury Centre at UEA, although there's also the Norwich Outpost and the Stew gallery, depending on what you're into. The Castle Museum is pretty wicked too and there is almost always some kind of vintage/antiques market or fair being held somewhere in the city.

Shopping | Believe it or not I'm not actually a huge fan of shopping. In a way I feel as though that makes Norwich perfect for me, as everything is packed together closely enough that I don't need to hop on a bus to get from one side of the city to the other. There may not be a Space NK for miles (believe me, I have been very tempted to put in a request) but the beauty halls at Debenhams, Boots, John Lewis and House of Fraser pretty much have everything covered - minus NARS, which pains me to this day. There's also Jarrolds, an independent department store that is one of my favourite places to shop, housing Jo Malone, MAC and Tom Ford counters to name a few. Aside from beauty, there are a huge range of antique shops and second hand markets to rummage through as well; my favourite being Loose's Emporium on Magdalen Street.

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