That Serozinc Thing

My skin isn't oily, but it's blemish prone like nothin' else. I've come to realise that it's actually fairly sensitive and the spots and pimples that for so long I've attributed to the usual (post)teenage hormones are probably more a result of me using entirely the wrong products for my skin type. As a result, my routine has been stripped back to the bare essentials and my skin has been relishing the chance to do it's own thing for a change. 

I very rarely use toners, aside from a quick sweep of Lush's Tea Tree Water when things are beginning to look a little rough. I've added LRP's Serozinc* to the end of my morning routine and, while it's bloody good at what it does, I'm not sure that my skin actually needs it. In fact, I've admittedly been a little slack on even cleansing my skin thoroughly in the mornings (a splash of cold water is all I've been managing to muster... take me as I am), but this has been a welcome addition to my routine nonetheless. I like that it makes my skin feel a little more hydrated and a lot can be said for how refreshing it feels. I've also noticed a slight reduction in my skin's redness levels; proving that it may well be as soothing as the rave reviews online make out (although my issues with puffy morning face continue to rage on). It's not a product that I couldn't live without and I wont even begin to deny that I'll probably forget to use it completely sometimes, but it really does seem to agree with my skin; and that's a rare thing indeed.

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