Blogs Worth Bookmarking

The thought of it being an entire month since I wrote my roundup of great blogs in 2014 post is crazy. The first four weeks of 2015 have flown by (blogger cliche) and there have been so many pages that have really caught my attention and produced some brilliant content.

The best thing is finding a blog or Instagram account that immediately makes you want to follow the person behind it on every single social media channel. That's exactly what happened when I came across Faith's corner of the internet, aptly named that's just fabulous. With a stash of cosmetics pretty enough to make you weep and a fairly great eye for photography to boot, Faith's blog has quickly become one of my most lusted after over the past few weeks. 

I've also been spending more time than is healthy on Zoe London's blog. I find her mixture of lifestyle, beauty, fashion and music posts to be really refreshing and there's always something new that sparks my interest with every visit. I'm also super keen to hear that Zoe will be posting more food and restaurant posts in the future... you know where my heart lies. I've been really enjoying Tenneil's blog, Like Neon Love, this month too. Again, Tenneil creates content on a really eclectic mix of topics and her posts are always my first read when they appear on my Bloglovin' feed. The same can be said for Miel Cafe, a blog that I've really fallen in love with lately. Giada is incredibly talented and takes some of the most stunning blog photos out there. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.