The Appeal of Packing Light

Until a couple of months ago I was all for big handbags. A connoisseur of the oversized, 'everything but your kitchen sink' style carry all. Even going to the corner shop meant me lugging a hefty load with me - and facing holding up an entire cue of people as I desperately rummaged around to find my purse at the self service checkout. Recently however I've been going for something a little less excessive - and a lot less back breaking.

I suppose it's the realisation that I actually don't need anywhere near as much stuff as I used to carry; at least not on a daily basis. I'm not into reapplying my makeup on the go (if a product doesn't last past midday it's really not doing it's job anyway) and additional extras such as a mis-matched pair of gloves and that lone stick of chewing gum aren't particularly well missed either. Instead, all I opt for is my coin purse, card holder (which, incidentally, could also do with clearing out), my keys and my phone (the excessively sized bunny case is an optional extra, too). Occasionally I'll pop in a lip product or two, but I've been making a conscious effort to make sure that they're removed at the end of the day and not left to collect dust at the bottom of my bag. I've been carrying a lot less with me for the past few months and I have to say it's a massive relief. It's so refreshing to know that I can fit everything I need into something as tiny as this leather number; cluster of out-dated receipts aside.

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