Finishing Touches

Aside from my trusty promise ring and anklet (neither of which ever leave my side) I'm really not a big wearer or jewellery. Growing up I remember being completely in awe of Phoebe from Friends and the stacks of rings she would wear, however I've just never really found my own style when it comes to accessories. That may be because I'm still finding my feet with style full stop, but I'd definitely like to be a little more experimental with how I dress and I feel as though the occasional smattering of bling may be the way to do that without spending a fortune.

I've had a browse through the various boxes of jewellery I do own and have come to realise that most of it is well outdated; in fact there's a fair amount that I've never put on at all. I need to have a proper think about exactly which pieces I'd like to add to my collection, however there are some big gaps that really stand out and need to be filled.

  • A simple, dainty necklace
  • A watch with a brown strap
  • Gold stud earrings
  • Stackable rings

As I'm a complete novice when it comes to this kind of thing I'd love to know a few of your recommendations when it comes to jewellery shopping. As I've mentioned, I don't want to spend huge amounts but I'd like to pick up some pieces that will really stand the test of time. I'm beginning to learn that accessories can really make an outfit so I can't wait to play around with them a little more.

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