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I've been something of a terrible blogger this month and I don't think I've found or followed a single new blog since my last BWB update. September has been a busy one and reading blogs seems to have taken a backseat a little bit, which is such a shame and something I'm desperate to change. I'll still be listing some of those posts/blogs that I have read and felt inspired by, but please do feel free to leave a few suggestions or even your own links in the comments. Finding new sites is one of my favourite things about blogging and I love having a good nosey around other people's corners of the internet, so do let me know which ones I need to be checking out!

One blogger that I have slowly been falling in love with for a couple of months now is Isabella, whose posts on fashion and lifestyle are enough to set me swooning. Her blog photography and layout is second to none and, thanks to this post, I'm entirely convinced that I need to get my ears pierced a second time. Having a snoop around the makeup bags of fashion bloggers is one of my all ultimate guilty pleasures, so when Monica took a delve into hers I was more than a little interested. The girl is always looking beautiful so her post on her top 5 beauty picks naturally added a couple of new things to my ever-growing wishlist. Monica's fashion posts are always worthy of a nosey too; serious style inspiration every time.

Another blog that I've been checking on religiously this month is The Dauphine. An old favourite, I'm so glad to see Chelsea blogging again as her site continues to be a constant source of inspiration. It's rare that a blogger captures my attention enough to get me reading every single post in full, but that's exactly what this girl does and I'm so pleased that she's keeping her content as creative and inspiring as ever.

This month marked a truly wondrous occasion as Megan finally posted a winged liner routine. I'm pretty certain this girl rocks a cat eye better than anyone else I know, so I was seriously eager to swat up on her chosen tools and technique and I'm pleased to say I wasn't disappointed. Other single posts that I've really enjoyed reading include Grace's second weekend ritual (although I enjoyed the first too, obviously) and Sofia's beauty essentials - just how gorgeous is the photograph that goes along with it?

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Heat Free Haircare