Wardrobe Resolutions

More monochrome. this kind of goes against most people's resolutions to step away from black and grey palettes and inject more colour into their wardrobes. There's something so chic and grown up about a black and white outfit; something I'm hoping to embrace a little more.

Spend more on basics. I'm slowly building my collection of key pieces and I truly believe that the more 'simple' items (t shirts, jeans, camis) are the ones worth splurging on; more so than 'on trend' pieces that are unlikely to stand the test of time or get as much wear in the long run.

Accessorise. I touched upon this on my blog last month, but switching up the jewellery and accessories I wear on a daily basis is one way that I hope to keep my wardrobe fresh. I've picked up a couple of pieces in the meantime, so watch this space for a little more on those.

Shop around. I used to be fab at doing this, but recently I've found myself becoming more and more lazy when it comes to sourcing new pieces. Second hand shops, boot sales and eBay used to be my first port of call when shopping for new wardrobe additions and I'm hoping to make it that way once more.

Spend time developing a style. A specific style of dressing that suits me and feels comfortable is something I've never had much success in finding, but I think it's so important when creating a wardrobe that's fluent and concise. 

FashionNatalie Stubbs