Burberry Gold Pearl

So I haven't quite completely taken leave of my senses and spent £23 on a single eyeshadow; fear not. I spotted this little gem in TK Maxx a few weeks back and I found myself completely unable to resist. Pricey? Yes. But so damn beautiful all the same.

Gold Pearl is my first Burberry purchase and admittedly this love affair is just as much about the packaging as the product inside. There's something so luxurious about the Burberry Beauty line and every time I take this little compact out of it's velvet sleeve I'm left swooning. Even the click down of the magnetic lid feels incredibly satisfying. I'm easily pleased.

The powder itself is arguably a little dull in the pan; it doesn't differ greatly from my natural skin tone and it's very difficult to detect any kind of shimmer until it's actually applied to the lids. Once blended however this really comes into it's own, providing a subtle hint of colour and sheen to the eyes and really helping to brighten up the area on dull, tired mornings. I've taken to using this in a couple of different ways; mainly along the lower lashline for an extra hint of definition, although it works perfectly as an inner corner highlight too. The creamy formula also makes it incredibly easy to blend and layer alongside other shades; MAC's Paint Pots being my favourite bases for this to be applied over the top of.

BeautyNatalie Stubbs