How I Store My Makeup

I mentioned a little while back that I was moving flat and would be ridding myself of any sort of dressing table. Since then a couple of people have asked to see my setup, so I figured that now is probably as good a time as any. Things aren't exactly how I want them to be and there will no doubt be a few little shift arounds in the near future, but for now it's working nicely and the feeling of sitting on the floor with all of my makeup bits around me is one that I'm really relishing.

The main bulk of my cosmetics are stored away, however I have this old suitcase where everything I'm currently using are housed. For me this is the easiest thing to do as it means that I have the products I'm loving on hand and don't have to rummage through my entire collection. Things in here get switched around pretty often, although I am trying to manage some sort of 'one in, one out' system to prevent things getting too cluttered. I have a glass mug from Ikea that holds the brushes I'm enjoying using at the time, as well as an Ikea woven pot; in which sit a few of my other essentials such as hand cream, lip balms and hair grips. The suitcase sits in the corner of my room on the floor and I usually sit right beside it with a cushion to do my makeup. It's nothing fancy, but for me it's comfortable enough and I'm finding it to be a really useful way of keeping everything in one place.

Next to the suitcase sit three other storage bags; the first of which is a simple Space NK option. This will hopefully be switched to something more permanent soon, but for now it holds any products that I'm trialling for my blog and I don't want to allow myself to forget to use. On the rare occasion that I'm fortunate enough to receive and accept press samples, they land in this bag until I'm satisfied that I've given them a fair chance. I tend to put any new purchases in here too and play around with them until I'm happy that I've formed a solid opinion. The pink suitcase is from a Soap & Glory gift set that I got many Christmas' ago, but for now it's serving the purpose of storing any overflow from the suitcase. In here goes anything that I'm not feeling at that moment in time, although as I've mentioned it does all get switched about pretty often. It has two large compartments with see through pockets; making it perfect for storing cosmetics as I'm able to get a good look at everything. Then there's the guinea pig makeup bag. It doesn't actually house anything in particular, but it's there. Why wouldn't it be?

Natalie Stubbs